Piano Tuning


Piano Tuning comprises the majority of my work. I am available for home, business, church, concert and studio tuning. I have over 23 years of experience in the most demanding situations, and have received numerous compliments on the quality of my work from performing artists.

I use my discerning ear along with a state-of-the-art Reyburn Cybertuner. The Cybertuner is an extremely sensitive “visual tuning fork” that assures the correct pitch, while my ear allows for a further fine tuning of the strings (unisons) to make the resulting note more pure and beat-less. I can perform custom/stretched tunings as well. Please give me a call or complete a contact form and we can arrange a time that suits you.

Most manufacturers recommend tuning at least twice a year. If your piano has gone without tuning for more than one year, it may have dropped in tension and pitch. If that is the case, a pre-tuning, called a Pitch Raise, may be desired. Please call and I will explain your options.


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Richard G. Heinz

PTG Associate Member

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