Payment Methods:

Cash is the traditional payment method, but checks are accepted.
**Cash payments receive a $10 discount per visit**

Fine Tuning: $135
Pitch Raise* + Fine Tuning: $200
Evaluations/Inspections: $75 (*Half is deducted from any future work)
Humidity Control Installation: $200 – $475 (Depending on system used)
Broken Strings: $20 each
Voicing Hammers: $65 per hour or estimated by the job.
Piano Regulation: Estimated upon Inspection.
Piano Rebuilding/Restoring: Estimated upon Inspection.
Piano Cleaning: $65 per hour or estimated by the job.
Finish Work or Touch-Up: Estimated upon Inspection


*A Pitch Raise is needed when a piano is more than 8 cents flat of the desired pitch (A-440). This usually occurs when a piano hasn’t been tuned in over 1 year or is subject to large changes in temperature or humidity. Even a piano left untouched will go flat. A Piano Man will show you the current state of your piano’s pitch (string tension) and offer you options.

Prompt, Courteous & Reliable Piano Tuner Service Surprise and West Valley!

Prompt, Reliable & Courteous Piano Tuning Surprise and West Valley!

Richard G. Heinz

PTG Associate Member

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